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Journeys Part 2: Liza Clinical Wizard

Liza Kozlenko

With a Growth Mindset we ask, how has the war in Europe, the brutal invasion of Ukraine and global war crimes by the Moscow regime, changed us? What can we learn from the journeys of others — as we navigate our own life journey? That’s what this project is about.

Today’s interview is with Liza Kozlenko, the well-known Clinical Wizard of Kyiv — an exclusive on her own journey from Clinical Research to Entrepreneur and War Correspondent. Liza runs Ukraine Connect Assistance — with her team, she creates ties between Ukraine and the free world through facilitation, planning, interpretation, troubleshooting, innovative solutions. She thinks on her feet!

Liza is a fixer par excellence; and being her client gives me peace of mind in a war-torn but beautiful country, Ukraine. An ancient treasure of culture; art, literature, music, which Ukrainians are fighting every day to preserve, come what may.

She is also a poet. I have translated a recent poem of hers, appearing in the usual place just below the video interview.

Second of a series.


You won’t have anybody else.
Not even him. Say a proper goodbye.
You’ll be looking for love
In the twilight of summer evenings,
In the loneliness of urban restaurants,
Where nobody invites you to dinner.

You’ll never find love again.
Had you known this a year ago, what would you have done?
Would you have lived every day like your last?
Would you have sprouted great wings?
Would you have taken him up, and flown away?
Before the bomb killed him.

Perchance you’d have dragged him to another basement,
The deeper one, where the forty survived.
Or threw the warhead there, beyond the Urals,
For example, tomorrow, or Tuesday.

Mariana woke up. Screamed.
“Oh, God, what manner of dreams are these?
On the left – Slavko.  Asleep, only his eyelids a-quiver.
Wake up, my love.
What happened? Explain it to me.
There’s no time. Let’s go. Mariana is crying.

She kisses the eyes of her sleeping husband.
Two backpacks in hand. She’s leading him somewhere.
She pulls him by force. Slavko decided not to resist.
Dark and damp, long stairs underground.
On the outskirts, the city is buzzing.
We’re coming to you, Mr. Andriy.

Can we hide for a while?
Thirty-eight pairs of eyes peering from the darkness.
Surprised, sleepy, and scared.
Many belongings are scattered about,
Bottles of water and shabby mattresses.

The sound of a jet engine is clearly audible.
Loud, disturbing, and deafening.
Then – an explosion. The wall shuddered.
It’s falling down. Grandma is praying.
All’s quiet. We exhale. Well, we’re resilient.

The plane circles around. The second impact.
Another strong wave. First one, second one.
Yes it’s a high explosive. Steam coming out of his mouth.

In the basement, uncertain, trembling movements.
They’re alive. Every single one. Grandma prays on.
Mariana’s God shoúts from the heavens:
There shall be love. The apartment shall be restored.
Just don’t sleep so long anymore.

– Liza Kozlenko, July 2023

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