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Hacking Imposter Syndrome

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My dream is that all women who choose to, can go to work in an environment that is safe for a diversity of leadership styles. In which all ethnic. gender, and racial identities are just as professional and credible as today’s white-male-centric, heteronormative, respectable model.

Until then, we hack. We get in character, do what we have to, and hopefully take care of our own mental health and those of our fellow women.

Remember how it was? When the holes in our jeans were made by us? When our knees in early Spring were perfect, but by end of Summer and time to go back to school… our knees resembled a battlefield?

Yeppers. I do remember that my first thought on skinning a knee (yet again). The thought was about forced to come in from playing, endure time spent inside, endure that stinging disinfectant that my parents used on my scrapes.

But a skinned knee or other mistakes never kept me inside for long. I was like, “once more unto the breach, dear friends” and outdoors like a shot, with a plan to be more careful, and not be tumbled by some mere obstacle ever again.

I was free. Then, I grew up. As I kept banging my head on the corporate glass ceiling, I suffered the slings and arrows of Imposter Syndrome. Here’s what’s helped me, all of which I have other women to thank for.

  • You are a living Rorschach Test, dear. Those who say things about you are really saying things about themselves, their bias. About their own failure to appreciate all you have to offer. True in the boardroom, true in the boudoir.
  • We who have trouble accepting compliments often come up with reasons to reject a well-meaning person’s compliments. Think about the justifications you have for not accepting a compliment. Then, ask yourself if you’ve started believing these justifications yourself. Be proud; woman, and claim your credit.
  • Empower your Growth Mindset. Imposter Syndrome shows many characteristics of a Fixed Mindset. Remember the skinned knees. Do you spend the glorious Summer hiding behind a TV, phone or laptop, or do you get right back into the fray, with a better plan? Think of ways you can empower your Growth Mindset to get rid of Imposter Syndrome.
  • Everybody makes mistakes. You can treat those mistakes as learning opportunities! The weak will always be there to peck at your mistakes. Ignore those distractions.

Final hack for today:

  • Be open to new ideas. Be open, playfully, having the courage to try something new, and the boldness to make mistakes and do better with time. Always learning. Precisely the feminine style of leadership, that women are bringing to technology today.

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