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About Karla

Award-Winning Poet, Global Public Speaker. Independent Journalist, Interviewer, Columnist, Trusted Advisor.

Transformational leader, strategic planner who understands business  vision, roadmaps, risk, compliance, cost reduction.
Calm & balanced in dynamic, mission-critical situations.

Karla brings a higher standard to communication, diversity, equity and inclusion.

With her love of the stage, singing, poetry and storytelling, mentoring a new generation of professionals, Karla drives constant improvement in people, processes, and organisations.

Public speaking

Karla can speak on how to nurture a hidden wealth of innovation, creativity and transformational leadership through a mindfulness of bias and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Through inspirational motivation, she touches the core desire for excellence in all of us.

Karla can speak on excellence, through the dynamics of your voice, through the body language of the stage. When you present as your authentic self, you’re set up for success.

Karla as an Executive Director knows technology, and drives growth, innovation, emotional intelligence, economies of trust, visibility and assurance.


Key Competencies


Technologia Incognita
Executive Director

  • Leading organisation through growth, digital transformation
  • Offering open source and free software developers a safe space to meet, share ideas and collaborate
  • Compliance, Risk Assessment, Mitigation
  • Manage portfolio of contracts with stakeholders & partners
  • Initiatives include Conference Hub, STEM Opportunities for Students & Migrants, Disaster Recovery, Multicultural Awareness
  • Public Speaker, Mentor, Educator

Kyiv Independent
Brand Ambassador

Independent Journalist raising awareness of Ukrainian current events, business, entrepreneurship, economic development & culture in wartime.

  • Interviewer, Columnist, Commentator
  • Tactical Support, Fundsraising
  • “Everyone is a War Reporter”

Réseaux Internet Protocol Européens (RIPE): Coordination necessary for operation of the Internet

Global Public Speaker

  • Stability of Ukrainian Internet
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Internet Exchange Points (IXP)
  • IPv6 Transition Strategy
  • Autonomous System Numbers (ASN)

PROTON Visionary

Building an internet that protects privacy. Scientists, engineers, and developers drawn together by a shared vision of protecting civil liberties online. 

  • Speaker on DEI, Public Key Infrastructure
  • Educator, Digital Safety & Security

Women in Agile Netherlands


Recruit, network, promote, and support the work of outstanding women in the Netherlands Agile community

  • Leadership Development
  • Community Building
  • ERG priorities, results, key measurements


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