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A War Crime, family of 5 burned alive gets less than 80 thousand engagement: Navalny gets 1.7 million posthumously.

What an Opposition is, and what it isn’t

The writer, from Kharkiv, Ukraine, condemns those who do not acknowledge the atrocities committed by the Russian government, exemplified by a family burned alive in Moscow’s terrorist attacks. The writer criticizes the historical misappropriation of Ukrainian culture by Russia and the ineffectiveness of Russian opposition, arguing that true opposition now comes from Ukraine’s Armed Forces and European support. The author urges tangible aid to Ukraine, not just kind words, as actions taken now will define Europe’s legacy.

Liza Kozlenko

Journeys Part 2: Liza Clinical Wizard

What can we learn from the journeys of others as we navigate our life journey? An exclusive interview with Liza Kozlenko, whose journey from Clinical Research Associate to Entrepreneur & War Correspondent. Liza runs Ukraine Connect Assistance in Kyiv.

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